Apimell - International exhibition of beekeeping, apiary products, and equipment. Piacenza Expo - Italy - Europe
01 February 2010
01 February 2010
check here: https://www.omio.it/viaggi/piacenza
The Exhibition Centre Piacenza Expo stands just in sight of Piacenza Sud tollgate, in a context of road, motorway and railway junctions in the centre of North of Italy. Three airports (Milan Linate, Parma and Brescia) are a few dozen kilometres far from Piacenza, while five other airports (Milan Malpensa, Verona, Bologna, Genova and Torino) are reachable in about one hour.

In addition to this, a logistic and transport system in the forefront makes Piacenza a thorough crossroads to Europe and its new exhibition centre a strategical meeting point for operators and visitors, susceptible of further developments.

How to reach us
Piacenza Expo – Piacenza’s Exhibition Centre
Fraz. Le Mose, S.S.10 per Cremona, 29100 Piacenza

Latitude 45° 02’ 32’’ N - Longitude 09° 45’ 06’’ O

Servizi Autobus Seta LINEA 19 - Bus line
Radio Taxi di Piacenza (0523-591919)

Motorway A1, exit Piacenza Sud
Motorway A21, exit Piacenza Sud

Piacenza’s railway station: Information tel. +39 848 888088, TRENITALIA

AIRPORTS: Milano Linate (65 km), Milano Malpensa (120 km), Parma (60 km), Bergamo (110km),
Verona (140 km), Genova (150 km), Bologna (150 km), Torino (190 km)

During the main exhibitions there is a free shuttle service from the railway station to the exhibition centre

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